Google Analytics

Implementation of Google Analytics program

Up to 6 goals added for you

Training on how to read and use Google Analytics


If Google Analytics is embedded on your website but you have trouble knowing what to do with the information, contact us to set up a personalized plan for analytical strategy sessions. These can be done monthly or bi-monthly to improve the user friendliness of your website.

Why do I need Google Analytics on my website?

Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools as a business, big or small. When embedded on your website, Google Analytics allows you to track all of your traffic and what sources they are coming from organically. From there, you can add “goals” to track whatever additional data you want.

Speaking of, what are “goals”?

Goals are measurements that can be added on to your website to track almost any specific information that you want. For example, if you are wanting to know how many people signed up for your newsletter coming from Instagram and how many signed up coming from Facebook, you can add a goal that will show you exactly that. Additionally, you can see what steps they took to make it to your newsletter signup page. If lots of people are clicking off before they even get to that page, you are able to take that information and make your website more user friendly.

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